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Pulsator Lures & Super Yacht Charters

Exciting game and sport fishing on your luxury private yacht charter demand the world’s best in fishing lures.  This is where Pulsator Lures becomes an integral part of the game.

Pulsator Lures produces a full range of offshore fishing lures, including baitswimmers, spoons, jetheads, jogs and feathers, along with teaser birds and large lures for marlin.  Geared towards competitive anglers, Pulsator Lures feature scientific principles and creative concepts to develop unique and high quality lures that are fast becoming recognised as a market leader in the world of fishing.

While on your luxury private yacht charter on-board the Super Yacht Paradise in Exmouth, the game and sport fishing professional charter, On Strike Charters, will give you the chance to put Pulsator Lures to the test and hook you a prized catch.  As Pulsator Lures’ tagline warns, resistance is futile and you could very well end up with the catch of a lifetime.


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