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Shark Bay / Dirk Hartog Island

A World Heritage Site located in the Gascoyne region, Shark Bay is a marine treasure trove. Spanning a jaw-dropping 2.3 million protected hectares, of which roughly 70 per cent are marine waters, Shark Bay is home to 10,000 dugongs, a huge amount of bottlenose dolphins and over 323 fish species, including many sharks and rays.  Positioned 800 kilometres north of Perth and the westernmost point of the Australian continent, the Shark Bay area includes Dirk Hartog Island, Western Australia’s largest island.  Dirk Hartog Island is an important nesting site for green and loggerhead sea turtles, and the sheltered coves surrounding the island provide the perfect elements for snorkelling at a leisurely pace.

With such a massive amount of the World Heritage Site marine waters, the best way to explore this magnificent Shark Bay region is by sea.  Aboard the Super Yacht Paradise, gently cruise around the pristine waters, home to the largest and richest sea-grass beds in the world. The waters surrounding Dirk Hartog Island are an angler’s Garden of Eden, with the opportunity to land species such as pink snapper, groper, cod, mackerel, coral trout, tuna, kingfish, sailfish, marlin and flathead.  The experience of Shark Bay will afford you the luxuries of game fishing, diving, snorkelling, spear fishing and surfing in an intimate setting with personal one-on-one service.  In the shallow warm waters of Monkey Mia, handfeed friendly and playful dolphins in their natural habitat.

On the edge of the Australian continent, explore this natural spectacle and marvel in its marine splendour.  There is simply no better way to enjoy the World Heritage Site, Shark Bay, than safely tucked away on the welcoming deck of the Super Yacht Paradise.

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