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Exmouth / Montebello Islands / Coral Bay

Exmouth, Montebello Islands and Coral Bay are all positioned within close proximity to each other, located approximately 1300 kilometres north of Perth.  The three locations all form part of the Ningaloo Coast, a World Heritage Site that is home to the Ningaloo Reef, Australia’s largest fringing coral reef.  A rich and diverse range of marine life thrives in the tropical and temperate waters, including the star attraction – the gentle giant of the ocean and the world’s biggest fish, the Whale Shark.  Every year from April to July, they glide to the reef in mass numbers in search of plankton to feed on.  This awe-inspiring feat of nature presents you with an unforgettable opportunity to snorkel alongside these remarkable marine creatures under the careful guidance of the experienced and capable crew members.

The exquisite Ningaloo Coast boasts a plethora of water-based activities for our guests.  Widely regarded by many anglers as Australia’s premier fishing destination, there is an astounding array of prized game and sport fish to catch, with colourful species such as spangled emperor, blue, black and striped marlin, sailfish, broadbill swordfish, shortbill spearfish, yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi, wahoo, giant trevally and so much more.

Picture sparkling water of the greenest and bluest hues and glimpses of vibrant coral gardens underneath.  The Ningaloo reef offers some of Australia’s best snorkelling for clear reasons.  Spot turtles, chase brightly coloured fish and keep your eyes peeled for dolphins and whale sharks.  Island hop the archipelago of Montebello Islands, an unspoilt haven consisting of 174 islands.  Due to the remoteness and exclusivity of the location, don’t be surprised if you don’t spot another human.

With the help of the attentive crew aboard the Super Yacht Paradise, engage in spear fishing, surfing and diving.  Alternatively, you may just prefer to languidly lounge on deck in the brilliant sunshine with all your needs exclusively catered to.


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