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Esperance, French for ‘hope’, is a coastal town on the Southern Ocean coastline approximately 720 kilometres southeast of Perth.  The rugged, unspoilt coastline and breathtaking scenery is dramatically different to other parts of Western Australia, and with a different ocean comes different marine life.  Famous for whale watching, the annual migration along the Western Australian coast sees humpback whales and southern right whales frolicking throughout the region.  Take a first row seat to the action on-board the Super Yacht Paradise, where you can safely view all the amazement of nature from an unreal vantage point.

Western Australia boasts one of the most pristine and magnificent coastlines in the world.  En route to Esperance aboard the Super Yacht Paradise, you will cruise around the southernmost tip of Western Australia, taking in the wild beauty with no land mass between you and Antarctica.  Upon reaching Esperance, be amazed at the 100 plus islands in the Recherche archipelago where snorkelling, diving and fishing will fill your lazy, sunny days.

The beaches in Esperance have some of the most startlingly white sands in the world, contrasting dramatically with the vivid turquoise waters.  The Super Yacht Paradise will be able to drop anchor in any one of the sheltered coves, allowing you to swim to shore and soak up the glorious sunshine.

Explore this world-class natural delight the best way possible on-board, sheltered in the privacy, exclusivity and comfort that is the five-star Super Yacht Paradise.

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