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Broome’s iconic Cable Beach is instantly recognisable – unbelievable orange and pink sunsets with the seemingly never-ending horizon dotted with the unmistakable bumps of camel silhouettes.  Now imagine sitting on the calm water high on the deck of the Super Yacht Paradise, bathed in the warm glow of the sunset and savouring a banquet of freshly caught seafood.

The coastal town of Broome is positioned 2,240 kilometres north of Perth.  Take in the spectacular colours of the red ochre cliffs and jagged landscape as the Super Yacht Paradise hugs the remote coastline, climbing further north and delivering you to the pearling oasis of Broome.  We have the ability to stop any time and anywhere to drop a line and hook dinner; the offshore waters are alive with tuna, mackerel, billfish and marlin.

Broome will deliver you an extraordinary experience unlike any other in Australia.  One of the world’s largest producers of pearls, see firsthand how they are cultivated and indulge in a memorable souvenir.  The captivating experience of riding camels set to the backdrop of a fiery, blazing sunset is something you will never forget.  Another must-do while in Broome is to treat yourself to a luxurious stay at the famed Cable Beach Club Resort and Spa, set right on the world-famous beach amongst beautiful green gardens.

Travelling in superior luxury aboard the Super Yacht Paradise will allow you a firsthand glimpse of the impressive and isolated coastline of northern Western Australia, and the inimitable place that is Broome.

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