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North West Showcase

Paradise Showcases the North West with Personalised Kimberley Tour.

Located in the remote North West region of Australia, the Kimberley is home to spectacular coastlines and hidden waterways filled with culture and history. It’s awe inspiring natural sites include rugged terrain, cascading waterfalls, stunning coastlines, pristine swimming holes and towering gorges.

The extensive panoramic views of vibrant orange coastlines and pristine waters feature an array of local flora and fauna that can only be seen in the beautiful Kimberley region. The Kimberley is one of the most diverse regions in the world with its rich array of plant and animal life. Its wild and natural scenery is a must see experience of a lifetime that will never be forgotten.

Experience one of the most beautiful and diverse regions in the world, first hand, onboard Super Yacht Perth’s luxury vessel, Paradise.

King George Falls – Western Australia’s Kimberley region

Personalised Experience in the Kimberley Region.

As a secluded destination, not many people get to experience its beauty and history due to its inaccessibility by land. The best destinations of the Kimberley are so secluded that they can only reached by boat. Offering a trip tailored to your preferences, you can sail the Kimberley region at your own pace to visit all you want to see. We deliver a once in a lifetime experience on a 7 star boat to explore the most secluded and picturesque locations in Australia’s North West.

Experience the Kimberley The Way You Want.

Whether you are adventurous or looking to relax, Super Yachts will ensure your Kimberley tour suits your preferences. There is always something new to explore at every stop, with plenty of sites that showcase the history of the land. Travel to secluded destinations via seaplane or hike the terrain to find more hidden gems.

The best part of booking a personalised trip is to enjoy the time to take in all the Kimberley has to offer in your own way. There is so much untouched wilderness that is so peaceful due to its remoteness that can only be experienced in person, or immerse yourself in the Kimberley experience and stop for a swim on the coastlines that boasts clear turquoise waters and pristine white beaches.

Luxury Private Yacht Charters
Bungaree – Western Australia’s Kimberley region

The Best Season to Travel to Kimberley.

At the end of the wet season (March/April) is the best time to visit the northern region as the waterfalls are at their peak. The Kimberley has 2 seasons, wet and dry. The dry season runs from April to October and has little to no rain and is less humid. It provides visitors with beautifully warm weather and cooler nights. This is the most popular season for travellers due to the ability to access many secluded and stunning sites in the region. The wet season from November to April experiences hot, humid weather which makes some parts of the Kimberley impossible to access.

The height of beauty and the height of luxury
Montomery Reef – Western Australia’s Kimberley region

What To See In The Kimberley.

The Kimberley is one of the world’s largest and most untouched wildernesses, and this remote region is home to some truly spectacular sights. As well as the breathtaking natural sceneries of King George Falls, Berkeley River and Prince Regent River, the Kimberley also offers the history of ancient rock art of the Australian Aborigines and sites that show evidence of early explorers in 1800’s.

Our most popular destinations to travel to is the natural phenomenon of the Horizontal Falls, and Montgomery Reef which is famous for appearing to rise out of the water at low tide. There are many picturesque locations to explore that showcase every aspect of the great region.

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