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Super Yachts Perth is headquartered in the major port of Fremantle.

Our main aim is to provide you with an unforgettable, exclusive experience gliding the waters of Western Australia. With the ability to take you to remote destinations all along the coastline of Australia’s largest state, the Motor Yacht Paradise exudes style, comfort and luxury.  Offering a full-time, highly experienced crew, every aspect and detail of your personalised trip will be catered for with six-star service.

To help you experience the best in boating, we also offer vessel management, all maintenance requirements and repairs, captain services and crewing agent, provisioning and catering, vessel delivery and engineering services, along with a number of other industry specific services.

The Super Yachts Perth Team

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Luke Tompsett


Luke is born and bred in Perth, Western Australia, and has had a passion for all things water-related all his life. As a young boy, Luke could always be found with a fishing rod in hand or making friends with the local fishermen to get a ride on their boat.
It was from a young age that he knew that the ocean would always govern his future. At 17, Luke joined the commercial fishing industry, spending almost three years fishing for tuna and swordfish all around Australia. From there he went onto fishing for western rock lobster, based on the mid-west coast and working at the Abrolhos Islands where he completed three seasons. It was during this time he began to hone in on his diving skills and after finishing up the season in 2005, he ventured overseas to join the yachting industry, working on yachts ranging from 38 to 114 metres.
Luke worked his way up through various yachts that have taken him through the East Coast of America, Bahamas, Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Sea, the crystalline waters of Alaska, West Coast of Canada, and the remote waters surrounding the Galapagos Islands and Mexico.
After almost six years overseas Luke returned to Perth in 2010 where he is now based.
His experience and knowledge of the Western Australian coastline has continued to grow and his love for the ocean only propelling him further to explore.



Chief Stewardess

Andrea grew up in the beautiful South West of Western Australia where she was always in and around the water; surfing, swimming, diving and fishing. She has a great love and respect of the ocean. When Andrea isn’t in or around the water, she enjoys practicing yoga, camping, travel adventures, and spending time with family and friends.

Having been immersed in the hospitality industry for over ten years working in some of Australia’s top restaurants, Andrea has developed a deep appreciation of food and wine.

Over the past five years, Andrea has worked on a variety of international luxury yachts, ranging from 22 to 60 metres. Her work has taken her throughout Turkey, the Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas, and the extensive Western Australian coastline. The breathtaking Kimberley Region has captured her heart and she looks forward to sharing her experiences with you and hosting you on-board Motor Yacht Paradise.

Dayna Achilles

Dayna Achilles

Head Chef

Dayna was born in sunny Queensland and grew up on the pristine island of Tasmania. Dayna studied hospitality and cookery at college before heading off to travel Australia. While in Perth, she landed her first yachting job in the untouched Kimberley region on a busy commercial charter boat. After completing two seasons, Dayna’s passion for travel took her overseas where she commenced working on a private three-masted schooner as the Sous Chef. It wasn’t long before Dayna was promoted to Head Chef, after gaining firsthand experience and knowledge of a busy working galley.

Dayna has now worked in the yachting industry for over ten years, which has taken her right around the world, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Caribbean Sea, from the Baltic Sea and remote islands in the Pacific, and right across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. All the exotic travel has greatly influenced Dayna’s cooking style; from classic Spanish dishes to spicy, clean and fresh Asian dishes, and the elegance and simplicity of Japanese dishes.

Dayna’s main focus and passion can be found in using clean fresh flavours, with a strong Asian influence. Dayna loves to cook with fish and seafood, and has four years’ experience working alongside a game boat, which allowed her to perfect turning freshly caught seafood into creative, mouth-watering dishes.

Dayna now resides back in beautiful Tasmania, where she prides herself on using seasonal fresh organic produce and local suppliers.

Dayna looks forward to welcoming you and meeting your culinary desires on-board Motor Yacht Paradise.

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